Dew Point & Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Enmet Combination Dewpoint / CO Monitor

Unit is housed in a NEMA-12 enclosure with clear front.

Combines an accurate Dewpoint and CO monitor in the same enclosure.

Electromechanical CO Sensor.  Aluminum Oxide Dewpoint Sensor.

CO Range is 0-100 ppm

Dewpoint Range is -120F to +50F


View Spec Sheet (.pdf)  

View Owner's Manual (.pdf)


COST = $ 3,150.00 + Freight

Enmet CO Guard Monitor


The instrument incorporates a rotameter for confirmation of proper airflow, a backlighted digital display and a highly specific

electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor for troublefree and reliable operation.


Unit comes with three alarms 5 ppm, 10 ppm and 20 ppm alarms for connection to master alarm systems.


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COST = $ 975.00 + Freight

Enmet Carbon Monoxide Monitor


  Unit is housed in a NEMA-4 enclosure. 

It features 10 ppm and 20 ppm alarm contacts.

Cost = $ 1,250.00 +Freight

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OHMIC Dew Point Monitor


Housed in a NEMA-4 enclosure

Indicated air temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint temperatures. 

Dewpoint range is -40F +80F

COST = $ 1,650.00 +Freight

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Newport Scientific Dew Point Monitors

Desiccant Dryer Model Model # 8097

User's Manual

Range is -40F +15F

Cost is $ 1,450.00 +Freight


Refrigerated Dryer Model # 8092

User's Manual

Range is +10F + 70F

Cost is $ 1,900.00 + Freight

Xentaur Dew Point Monitor

Range is -148F to +68F

More Information is here

User's Manual is here

Cost is $ 1,850.00 plus freight