Formula 8TM Oxygen-safe Thread Sealant 

Used in - Oxygen Cylinders - Hydraulics - Plumbing - Fuel Systems - Valves on Bottled Gas

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FORMULA-8 is specifically made for use as a thread sealant in dry conditions. 

FORMULA-8  uses PTFE in a white thixotropic paste to seal threaded joints.  The seals are formed over the entire thread length instead of just a fraction of the total convolutions.  Unlike thread-sealing tapes, the size or length of the thread is not a limiting factor.

FORMULA-8 is perfect for natural gas applications!   It is also chemically compatible with diesel fuel, liquid propane gas, oxygen, and in hydraulic systems.  Even fine threads in instrumentation systems are sealed effectively over the entire thread length.

FORMULA-8 won't deteriorate from -400oF to +500oF, it's stable in pressures up to 3,500psi and in vacuums 10-3 Torr.

Some of the ideal conditions for FORMULA-8 are:

  • Natural gas applications
  • Oxygen cylinders to elliminate leaks
  • Plumbing in federally inspected food-processing areas (not for direct food contact)
  • Hydraulic and fuel systems (use in pressures up to 10,000psi)
  • Moderate vacuum service
  • Fine instrument threads
  • Oxygen systems below 125C.
  • Valves in bottles gases

FORMULA-8 required no curing time. Systems may be put back into service immediately. The paste "wets" the threaded surface and cannot be accidentally dislodged, making it especially useful in those hard-to-reach places. 



Auto-ignition Temperature (ASTM E659) - Hot Flame
Minimum Ignition Temperature, F
Ignition Delay, seconds
Barometric Pressure, torr


Reaction Threshold Temperature for Pre-flame reaction 
Minimum Reaction Temperature, F


Appearance:  white, light paste .
Texture: smooth, light paste mixture, free of foreign matter .


FORMULA-8 is tested at NASA White Sands Testing Laboratory

FORMULA-8 was subjected to a two-part test.
1>  Auto-ignition...for temperature
2>  Mechanical Impact for pressure.

The results were spectacular!

In the Auto-ignition test, it was confirmed that FORMULA-8 can withstand 
temperatures over 800oF/450oC in OXYGEN applications

In the Mechanical Impact test, it was confirmed that FORMULA-8 can withstand
a pressure limit over 3000psi in OXYGEN applications without a hint of reactivity.

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