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Tight spaces?  This tubing cutter cuts 1/2" - 2" tubing and is only 5" wide.  Great for those places that a regular cutter cannot reach.  Designed for plumbing remodeling, commercial boiler and air conditioning jobs: where standard cutters simply donšt have the room. Cuts thin-wall material like traps and tailpieces with no distortion. Good for under vanities, close to walls, waste and overflows. Eliminates sawing which can loosen joints. One cutter wheel (No. 8038) cuts both plastic and non- ferrous materials. Built-in side rule adds measuring ease to cutting convenience.  Model # 4990.  

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  Ratchet Tubing cutter is perfect for that tight space where you can't throw a traditional cutter around. 

This tool cuts 1/4" - 1" tubing only.   Lifetime warranty. Model # 3790.

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Self Feeding Ratchet 

Uniquely designed for fast, accurate pipe cutting, especially in confined, nearly
inaccessible locations. Simply place the cutter onto your pipe and begin ratcheting. The self-feeding cutter wheel will automatically tighten as you ratchet the handles back and forth. Suitable for use on 7/8" O.D. mild or stainless steel, copper or thinwall PVC and CPVC tubing. 

Model # 4790

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